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Video on Demand

Within our in-building IPTV solutions, VoD provides an excellent means of distributing stored content such as recorded TV programmes, stored video files etc. to users across the organisation. We can provide a VoD server to handle the storage of content and the streaming of any stored video or recorded programme individually to a viewer as their own direct video channel. The Viewer has complete control of the channel and is able to select specific content and start, stop, pause and rewind it at will.
Benefits: You could establish and manage a video library, immensely beneficial if you are an educational establishment With VoD you can organise unattended scheduled recording and scheduled playback to meet specific needs. You can use scheduled playback to play lists of video files set up as Business TV channels on the VOD server as IPTV channels, the server outputting multicast IPTV channels that appear in channel listings in the same way as normal IPTV channels from live TV broadcasts. Using PIPTV VoD you can ‘time shift’ individual TV programmes or complete channels, recording them for later use, perhaps to accomodate differences in time zones. You would also be able to continuously record complete channels over a sustained period, perhaps to capture unscheduled events such as news stories, or perhaps by way of compliance recording  to capture a continuous record of events for legal and compliance use.