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In offering solutions for the distribution of broadcast TV, digital radio programmes and video over in-building IP networks, PIPTV caters for a wide spectrum of customer requirements. This is achieved by offering and supporting solutions based on equipment from more than one vendor, including IPTV gateways to cable, digital terrestrial (Freeview) and satellite services, video on demand (VoD) servers, Web browser based user portals, IPTV set-top boxes, digital signage equipment, and management and control software. Such equipment is provided by vendors who include, but are not limited to, 21media Innovations Limited, Arktron Limited, Breeze Technologies Limited, Packet Ship Technologies Limited, and SnapTV of Norway. To find out more about the solutions with which PIPTV can provide you please use the Solutions navbar immediately above, and for information on vendors and their products that form the basis of these solutions please use the Vendor & Equipment menu in the right hand panel.
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