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SnapTV is an IPTV systems vendor based in Tromsø and Oslo, Norway. The company has developed an all-in-one IPTV solution that brings together all the elements typically found in an IPTV system, viz., broadcast TV gateway technology, time-shifting technology, middleware, applications, a subscriber management system, a monitoring and control system, as well as user-terminals. Those elements of the SnapTV solution that form the basis of PIPTV in-building IPTV solutions are described below.
DVB to IPTV Gateway
With built-in channel list management, electronic programme guide (EPG) management, set-top box boot-up and GUI server, the SnapTV Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) to IPTV Gateway is much more than just a gateway device - it is a complete IPTV head-end in one box! With up to 12 inputs, that can be any mix of cable, digital terrestrial or satellite, and multicast streaming capacity up to 500 Mbit/s, the gateway has very good channel density and flexibility. In addition, 12 separate CI (Common Interface) slots in the front allow for optional decryption of live TV channels for content protection in a pay-TV environment.

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Recorder and Streamer
The SnapTV Recorder and Streamer is a hybrid networked video recorder and VoD server. The product is used to offer time-shifting services (pause and individual playback of recorded events) and to offer video or music on demand. The SnapTV Recorder and Streamer is easily set up via its Web-based interface to record a selection of multicasts, each multicast representing a TV or radio channel. The Recorder maintains and stores historic electronic programme guide data to enable users to search and navigate through stored programmes.
SnapTV Portal
The SnapTV Portal is a Web-based solution with which you can adapt the look and feel of what is presented to the viewer without regard to the specifics of client devices like set-top boxes or PCs. The SnapTV Portal is fully integrated with the SnapTV Content and Subscriber Management system, permitting you as, say, a hotelier, to enable your customers to use your services or purchase your products directly on the TV screen with the use of their remote control.
Digital Signage SnapChannel Composer
SnapChannel Composer is an advanced Web-based content management system for professional Digital Signage applications. SnapChannel Composer provides an easy to use GUI for the creation and distribution of advanced information channels based on a mix of local content, Internet-based content, and content from SnapTVs live or recorded TV material. It supports grouping of SnapChannel players and linking of defined information channels to individual SnapChannel players or groups of players. The information channels created with SnapChannel Composer are transferred to, and locally stored in, SnapChannel Player Screens, thus securing continous information channel playback, even in the case of network failures.
Digital Signage SnapChannel Player Screens
SnapChannel Player Screens are easy to install and operate, and require no external player device - all necessary hardware is embedded in the screens. Just connect the player screens to power outlets and LAN and you are ready to go. You can remotely manage the player screens with SnapTV's Digital Media Server software (DMS) and schedule your information play-out via your HTML browser. SnapChannel Player Screens are available in a range of sizes and colours.
Management and Monitoring
The SnapTV system comes with powerful tools for easy setup, maintenance and monitoring of end-user services. Using a simple Web-based interface, you can tune to, and arrange, TV and radio channels, upload videos with accompanying metadata, and check the status of end-user service quality by logging in to a private Web page that contains a number of different graphical "views" such as status map, service group details, host details, problems, ingest signals, output quality, usage patterns, system resource usage, trends, availability, and alerts and notifications for which you can be notified via email or SMS messages. With this monitoring solution you can stay in control and ensure service quality is maintained.
Content and Subscriber Management
The SnapTV Content and Subscriber Management System is a powerful system for managing and promoting services and products, managing users and controlling access to content assets. The system has a central database where information about services, products, purchases, and users/customers is stored. This database is accessed from two separate Web interfaces, one for use by the operator of the IPTV network and one for use by users/customers. The former is used to define services, products, pricing etc., and to register new users/customers and new assets, while the latter is used by the end customer to purchase your products and subscribe to your services.
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