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Packet Ship Technologies Limited

Packet Ship is a software development company that creates software technologies for the management, distribution and playback of broadcast-quality digital video. Their software runs on standard Linux platforms - either server or embedded - and is designed for quick integration into new or existing media solutions. Packet Ship’s products on which PIPTV’s solutions are based are as described below.
Packet Ship Streamline is a scalable standards-based video server that can deliver hundreds of broadcast quality video streams from a single commodity Linux server. For private network streaming, the server uses industry-standard formats and protocols such as MPEG-2 Transport Streams, RTSP and RTP and is highly configurable, and hence can interoperate with the majority of existing clients. The software has been tested and deployed with market-leading set-top boxes, e.g., from Amino, Motorola, Exterity, and XAVi, and also with PC-based clients such as VLC. The Packet Ship Streamline architecture provides full visual 'trick mode' functionality for MPEG-2 and H.264 video, and a high degree of scalability, from small standalone servers for vertical applications such as hospitality and healthcare, to large-scale VoD applications.
Packet Ship Streamline 
Packet Ship Timeline
The Packet Ship Timeline IPTV Recorder provides continuous loop recording of multiple broadcast IPTV channels and their associated EPG data. It then makes the recordings available to the Streamline video server and the programme data available to user interface Web pages, providing retrospective EPG for catch-up TV access. The Timeline IPTV Recorder also indexes the recorded content in real time, so that the video server can join the recorded stream at the live position and pause, rewind, and fast-forward with full visual trick mode. The Timeline IPTV Recorder also continuously records both "now and next" and forward programme event data, providing the basis for both retrospective and forward EPGs.