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Live TV & Radio

With in-building IPTV, PIPTV offers a very cost-effective way to distribute live TV channels and digital radio programmes within a building, around an organisation, or across different sites utilising existing IT networks. We can take live digital terrestrial (Freeview), satellite and cable broadcast channels accessed via IPTV gateway devices and stream them to TVs (via IPTV set-top boxes), Smart TVs, PCs and network projectors utilising IP multicast streaming to conserve network bandwidth.
Benefits: You can use your existing IT network - no hassle with dedicated cabling. IPTV will work with all display types you use, including TVs, PC desktops, laptops, and network projectors. Every socket on your IT network is a potential access point for viewing TV and video, permitting you to move display devices around. You can accomplish remote management of yout IPTV system via the network, normally using just a Web browser interface. You can easily add new TV channels, new users etc., and carry out upgrades on the network, managing it all remotely. You would have the capability for much greater control over access to content - by channel, by department, by individual user and so on.
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