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Digital Signage

Our digital signage solutions can be used to provide compelling multimedia displays on multiple screens network-wide across public and work areas of an organisation for advertising, information dissemination and other purposes. Elements such as branding, images, video windows, animation, or text can be combined to produce a dynamic and eye catching display. Typical applications include: Public information such as news, weather, local information etc. Internal information such as corporate messages, health and safety information, company news etc. Menu information such as dishes offered, pricing, photos etc. in dining areas. Advertising either related to the location of the signage or general advertising taking advantage of a captive audience. Brand building such as in-store brand promotion. PIPTV digital signage solutions are based on ScreenCloud, an easy to use Cloud based content management system operated by ScreenCloud Limited in the UK and ScreenCloud Inc in the USA. Click here to go to the Website dedicated to this offering for more information.
Benefits: You can achieve dynamic eye catching displays Digital Signage is ideal for building your brand image and for disseminating information around your organisation You can remotely update display content You can schedule automatic display changes and updates You can deploy touch screen technology to achieve interactivity
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