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About Us

PIPTV is a trading entity of the UK company Profile ICT Solutions Limited which, from its beginnings in 1994 as a consultancy providing assistance to overseas ICT companies to enable them to expand into UK and European markets, is today a company that provides solutions in a number of information and communications technology (ICT) areas. In the area of video processing and distribution, experience over several years coupled with a strong background in networking and Internet technologies provides us with the perfect backdrop against which to offer solutions for distributing broadcast TV and radio channels and recorded video over local IP networks regardless of whether they are standard LANs, WiFi networks, or Ethernet networks using powerline technology. Likewise this background has served to underpin our venture into the world of digital signage. In order to cater for a wide spectrum of customer IPTV requirements, PIPTV offers and supports solutions based on products from a number of vendors, while in the area of digital signage our solutions are more specifically based on ScreenCloud, the Cloud based signage platform operated by ScreenCloud Limited in the UK and ScreenCloud Inc in the USA.